In the latest case study which was reported in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research suggested that chiropractic adjustments can aid to reverse autism and prevent autism problems related to the autism spectrum. It has been found to reverse autism in a three year old girl. The case study was a patient who was a three-year-old adopted girl born at twenty-eight weeks weighing two pounds and five ounces. The girl’s biological mother had a history of drug abuse.

After two years of unusual behavior and receiving several autism diagnoses from doctors, her adoptive parents decided to take her for a thorough developmental evaluation. Five critical things were failed which include cognitive, communication, sensory, social/emotional, and adaptive/self-help.

Chiropractic Changed The Little Girl’s Life

The little girl’s parents decided to take her to a local chiropractor. Presenting with a combination of terrible symptoms. The symptoms included unrelenting headaches, common neurological autism manifestations, vomiting, seizures, acid reflux, and sleeplessness within one month. Some significant progress in autism-related problems were also noted. They included happier demeanor, calm behavior, increased eye contact, greater attention and focus, improved attitude, and beginning to sound out words.

The study reported that the girl continues to advance as proven by a significantly increased vocabulary, total lack of epileptic episodes, and continued improvement in focus and attention.

According to the girl’s mother, the girl is no longer taking medication. She has made significant improvements with her speech therapists, occupational therapists and even the school teachers notice a big difference. The mother is ecstatic that she is getting her daughter back and making eye contact with her and saying a few words. She cannot stress the impact chiropractic care had on her daughter and how it has aided in the girl’s reverse autism.

Opinions of Natural health experts

Dr. Mathew McCoy states that when you compress or interfere or damage the neurological structures in the spine could have a far reaching implication on the functioning of the body. He is a public health researcher, a chiropractor, and also the editor of the paper that published the case study.
Through case studies like this, people get to know that correcting the abnormal motion and misalignment. This is related to some of these spinal problems reduce the nerve interference. The patients also significantly improve.

The authors of the report state that by medical doctors, occupational therapists, health care providers, and chiropractors is a good thing. They will get to see good results by managing the core cause and not only just several symptoms presented by ASD children.

Vertebral subluxation

An author of the case study says that looking for the cause of autism and not just masking the symptoms is one of the most efficient ways of dealing with autism. One risk is believed to be spinal misalignment. Also abnormal motion of the spine called vertebral subluxations. Chiropractors use this terminology to describe this risk that results in neurological and structural interference to the nervous system and spine.

Such interference can cause a cascade of neuroendocrine actions which leads to abnormal cholesterol metabolism. There is a theory that suggests that once spinal distortions are corrected, the body can balance its physiology.

Astonishingly, other researchers have also found the same results regarding diseases in the autism spectrum managed by chiropractic adjustments. Numerous studies have emerged describing this phenomenon. The authors of the case study have called for additional research in a controlled environment.