Dr Timothy Kehrig’s Bio

dr-timothy-kehrig-water-skiingAt the age of 18 years old I hit the water so hard when I was water skiing I thought I broke every rib in my body. My brother had to pull me out of the water.

In Michigan, where I grew up part of my life, over the next few months I noticed my knees hurt and my lower back was sore, as well as my chest was always tight. I could not fill my lungs completely. I would go to my medical doctor for yearly physical blood work and he said, “I wish all of my patients were as vertically as I was”. But why did I have all these symptoms one day while working out in the gym? Doing squats with 225lbs I felt my lower back get really sore and the next day it was hard to walk. My dad told me to go to the chiropractor.

So I went to see the chiropractor, not really knowing what a chiropractor could really do, also not really believing in the profession. So he took x-rays of my back and then he put me on this foamy looking table and adjusted me. All I remember is that the day I left driving home my back pain was completely gone, knee pain gone, and I felt that I could breath in fully to fill my lungs. I couldn’t wait to go back for another adjustment. Over time of visiting this Doctor of chiropractic, I wanted to be able to do what he did for people and that is when chiropractic became the profession that I chose to become.

Over the last 21 years of practice I have seen so many miracles that have happened right before my eyes. I only pray and wish that more people and families knew about the amazing way that our body heals themselves, and how our body heals so much better under regular chiropractic care (adjustments).